The Hidden Law

The Hidden Law by Michael NavaHenry explores his Mexican-American roots as he defends a young Latino accused of murdering a rising Latino politician. A strong emotional connection with both the victim and his accused killer results in a deepening internal conflict for Henry as he battles L.A.’s corrupt political machine and faces Josh’s impending death from AIDS.

The Hidden Law is a beautifully conceived but gritty novel. Nava writes the kind of clean, powerful novels that build in emotional power almost invisibly, leaving us breathless at the end.”

—Los Angeles Times

The Hidden Law is an eloquent story about the paralyzing legacies fathers bestow on their sons, and the terrors of loss.”

—The Washington Post

“It’s a rare, rare thing, in our current confessional age of detective fiction, when copious descriptions of the hero’s private life manage not to push the plot of the page. But it can be done, and in The Hidden Law, Michael Nava shows us how.  Henry Rios is an admirable hero.”

—The New York Times