Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone by Michael NavaOne of the most highly acclaimed writers in the mystery genre “explores new emotional depths” in this last Henry Rios novel. The gay Mexican-American attorney, after the loss of his lover, must face his own mortality while recovering from a heart attack-and reach out to a family he didn’t know he had.

“For more years than we’ve noticed, Michael Nava has been creating an intricate series of fictions about Henry Rios . . . to give voice to the voiceless, the outsiders . . . to remind us that these outsiders are our kin.”

—The Washington Post

“What has always set Nava apart . . . is the emotional depth he brings to his stories. While his writing style is simple and understated, his themes are complex, mostly dealing with his characters’ need to both give and receive love and compassionate and understanding . . . [A]n extraordinarily gifted writer. We thank him for illuminating the life of an always fascinating character and perhaps educating a few people along the way.”

—The Denver Post