The Burning Plain

The Burning Plain by Michael NavaStill devastated by the death of Josh, Henry nonetheless falls for a young actor he successfully defended against burglary charges. When the young man is murdered after leaving Henry’s house, Henry finds himself the target of a murder investigation. But the murders don’t stop, and with his life in desperate danger, Henry follows the trail of evidence, ever upward to the top levels of Los Angeles politics and Hollywood power.

“A jaywalk into evil . . . . Like Chandler’s better work, The Burning Plain pushes at the edges of the genre, turning a crime novel into a morality play.”

—Los Angeles Times

“A harrowing narrative.”

—The New York Times

“Nava’s mysteries grab readers by the lapels and don’t let go.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“Nava writes an excellent mystery featuring crisp dialogue, diabolical suspense, and a subtle wit, but it’s his unflinching look at what it’s like to be an openly gay man today that makes this series special.  Rios is a flawed, human, and achingly real hero, and this is a provocative and genre-expanding novel.”