The Death of Friends

The Death of Friends by Michael NavaChris Chandler, a closeted Los Angeles judge and an old friend of Henry’s, has been murdered. The investigation is focused on Chris’s younger lover, Zack, who turns to Henry for help. Devastated by his friend’s death and traumatized by his own lover Josh’s rapid descent towards death from AIDS, Henry isn’t sure he wants to know what his investigation will ultimately reveal about Chris’s double life.

“This is a high-quality work of fiction that deserves to be widely discovered.”

—The Chicago Tribune

“As the many fans of the previous Rios mysteries know, Nava can devise as canny a plot as he can a defense motion.  His latest though, has something special – the scent of memory that lingers as poignantly as a departed lover’s cologne.”


“Like Raymond Chandler, Nava uncovers trickle-down corruption in high places. Like Simenon, he tracks crime to its intimate moral source in familiar human weakness, gradually implicating murderer, victim, sleuth, and maybe even the reader.”

—Entertainment Weekly