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Michael Nava is the author of an acclaimed series of seven crime novels featuring gay, Latino criminal defense lawyer Henry Rios. The Rios novels won six Lambda Literary awards and Nava was called by the New York Times, “one of our best.” In 2001, he was awarded the Bill Whitehead Lifetime Achievement Award in LGBT literature.  A native Californian and the grandson of Mexican immigrants, he divides his time between San Francisco and Palm Springs.

In 2014, he published  The City of Palaces an historical novel set in the years just before and at the beginning of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.  Novelist Christopher Bram said about The City of Palaces:  “City of Palaces begins as the love story of two good people, a Catholic and an atheist, who find each other in the corrupt world of belle epoch Mexico City.  It grows into a magnificent epic about family, politics, art, revolution, and hope.  This is a masterly work of old-fashioned storytelling, rich and spacious and moving, a novel that deserves to be compared to The LeopardLove in the Time of Cholera, and Doctor Zhivago, but with its own intimacy and grandeur.”

In 2016, Korima published a revised version of the first Henry Rios novel, re-titled Lay Your Sleeping Head. In 2017, Korima Press published the novella, Street People. Both books were nominated for Lambda Literary Awards.

In 2018, he announced the formation of his own press, Persigo Press, through which he intends to relaunch the Rios series with a new novel, Carved in Bone, tentatively scheduled for spring, 2019. He will also republish the existing Rios novels. Additionally, as part of the relaunch, he is producing a podcast that adapts Lay Your Sleeping Head into a 17-episode series inspired by classic radio theater. The podcast will launch in January, 2019.   

Nava has also had a distinguished legal career, having earned his law degree from Stanford University.  He retired from the law in July 2016. He can reached though his Facebook page, “Michael Nava, Writer”

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